Problems and General Enquiries

A one-stop shop for all bat related enquiries  is provided on the Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228.

General advice for dealing with injured bats is also provided on  this page of the Bat Conservation Trust's web site.

Members of the Surrey Bat Group are happy to provide further advice.  Feel free to get in touch with us on our contact us page.

Other Bat Problems

Bats in the United Kingdom, and their roosts, are protected by law which means that a licence is required before proceeding with any course of action that is liable to affect bats, or their roosts. Remember that as the roost is protected, not just the bats, advice must be sought whether bats are present or not.

While bats do have some of the highest legal protection afforded to any species, you should have no reservations about following the correct procedure, as this will result in a visit from a licensed batworker who has been trained to deal sympathetically with a whole range of bat problems, and it is almost always possible to agree a course of action that satisfies the needs of all the parties involved. This does not include surveys required to support planning applications, or relating to major repairs such as re-roofing, or to commercial buildings.

Bats and planning

The Surrey Bat Group receives many enquiries each week concerning bats and development. We are in the process of building a series of pages which we hope will be able to provide answers to the majority of these enquiries.


Guide to planning

A general guide to bats in the planning process intended to provide advice to members of the public who are concerned at the impact a development may have on their local bat population.


Council criteria

A set of criteria we have prepared for local councils to help them determine the type of applications for which they should require the developer to commission and submit a survey for.